The High Street

Sutton High Street is always an exciting place to visit. Regardless of the weather you'll always find people going about their business.

crowd on sutton high street

Going with the flow of the crowd on Sutton High Street

pearson bike shop

Pearson Bike Shop On Sutton High Street

The Oldest Bike Shop in the World!

It's impossible to write a decent article on Sutton High Street without mentioning Pearson. They are the oldest bike shop in the world and they have an exceptional and exemplary customer service.


The Projekt Shop

An independent Fashion Specialist on Sutton High Street, with a huge collection of designer brands. The Projekt Shop stands out for its warmth, both in the shop's atmosphere and customer service.


Welcoming, describes Tazza in a word. This independent shop is a non-profit and gives a lot back to our community. There is no better place on Sutton High Street to enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee.

You can hear Gary from the Benhill Avenue drumming up trade at the fruit and veg stall.

lower sutton high street

Towards the end of Sutton High Street

fruit and veg stall

Gary at the fruit and veg stall