The London Borough of Sutton is more than it's buildings and beautiful greenspaces, and with #FacesOfSutton we hope to show you some of the wonderful people (and their stories, if they wish to share), who make Sutton such a great community to live in.

So please don’t be offended if I was to stop you for a quick portrait or chat.

Josh - Skater
Malcom of Brasserie Vachrin Sutton
Dawson Shoe Repairs Sutton
Junior Sutton Buggy
Sutton and Cheam Squadron
Carshalton Station Employee
Guitarist on Sutton High Street
Maintenance Engineer on Sutton High Street
Gail chef at Peckish Cafe Sutton
Lady on an iPad
Giorgio the projekt store sutton
Callum Tazza Coffee Sutton
Jim and Danny Pearson Sutton