Manor Park is a public park in Sutton Town Centre created in 1914. It is situated on the corner between Throwley Way and Carshalton Road.

welcome to Sutton Town Centre

Welcome to Sutton Town Centre Sign in Front of Manor Park on Carshalton Road.

Sutton War Memorial

Situated within Manor Park is the Sutton War Memorial which commemorates 524 men who died in the First World War.

Manor Park Water Fountain

This fountain was presented to the Town by Cllr Charles Yates and was installed between 1924-1925.

Manor Park Facilites

Manor Park Cafe

manor park cafe
manor park cafe front counter
manor park cafe interior
manor park cafe play area

Manor Park Playground

manor park kids playground

Kids Playground in Manor Park.

busy kids playground in Manor Park

Busy kids playground in Manor Park.

Outdoor Gym in Manor Park

Outdoor Gym in Manor Park